Cosmetic Dentist in Etobicoke - Common Options to Enhance Your Smile

Our smile defines us. Many people are unhappy with how their smile appears, which negatively affects social interactions and overall confidence. Many times there is a way to fix whatever it is you don't like about your smile. Here are the most common cosmetic dentistry methods to improve your smile. Whether you have chipped, missing, misaligned, or stained teeth, there is an option to remedy your insecurities.


Teeth Whitening


This is likely the most common form of cosmetic dentistry. Our teeth become stained over time for many reasons. The most common, of course, are continuous consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Tobacco use causes a whole host of problems, including yellow teeth. The brightness of our smile is something people often first notice about us. A very common method that is highly effective is bleaching. This method uses a tray to administer the bleaching agent to gain a close proximity to your teeth as the agents work to break up stains. Keep in mind that whitening treatments are not meant as a substitute for cleaning, so it is important to continue proper oral care at home with consistent brushing and flossing. This will also help the treatment last longer. Teeth bleaching can be done in the dental office, usually in one visit, or the dental team can provide you with the materials necessary to perform this in the comfort of your own home.




If you have gaps, chips, or broken teeth, bonding could be an option for you. Essentially, bonding allows your dentist to use a resin material with an etching solution to bond to the actual tooth. Keep in mind that although this is supposed to last several years, sometimes these bonded teeth become stained, break off, or just wear down more quickly than other types of dental restorations. Bonding can typically be done in a single office visit.





Similar to bonding, veneers use a tooth-like material, usually porcelain, to bond to the outer surface of the tooth. This is done to improve the overall look of the smile. Someone may consider veneers if they have spaces between teeth, chipped teeth, permanently stained teeth, or slightly crooked or poorly shaped teeth. The advantage of veneers compared to bonding technique is that they typically last longer and provide a better quality appearance. They are also less expensive than choosing crowns.




Unlike veneers, crowns cover the entire surface of a damaged tooth. This will ultimately provide a natural-looking appearance to the tooth and smile and restore any damage. A dentist may recommend a crown to you if you have to cover a tooth with a large filling, cover a tooth after a root canal procedure, protect a weak tooth, or cover a misshapen or discoloured tooth. This option is more expensive and the dentist will typically only recommend it when necessary.




This is exactly as it sounds. When someone is missing teeth altogether, this could be an option. As an alternative to bridges, this option can offer a long-term solution to missing teeth. Dentists use a titanium metal to act as an anchor and fuse to the jaw bone. Then they will fit an abutment, which is what the crown is bonded to. This is quite an extensive procedure that will involve multiple steps and visits.


Be sure to speak to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry in Etobicoke. Talk about your concerns and work together to find the best solution for your situation. 

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